Dorado Financial Corporation Team

Who We Are

Dorado Financial Corporation is an alternative real estate capital advisory firm specializing in origination and structuring of commercial/business purpose loans. Dorado Financial is headquartered in San Diego, California. We work with real estate investors, small businesses, and middle market companies to finance a wide spectrum of properties including multifamily, office, retail, industrial, mixed use, and special use*.

We offer long and short term financing. We leverage our industry know how to analyze, structure, and negotiate as our clients’ advocates to deliver results that matter. We operate nationwide with a lending platform that includes public and private capital. Our capital sources include banks, credit unions, CMBS, family offices, and private lenders.



  1. Inquiry. We listen, answer questions, establish expectations, and share preliminary quotes.
  2. Preparation. We gather financial documents, prepare in-house cash flow analysis, and evaluate asset quality. We formalize potential transaction structure and prepare financial model for lenders.
  3. Negotiation. Project marketing to potential lenders, negotiation of terms, and conditional approvals or Letter(s) of Interest.
  4. Underwriting. Lender orders appraisal and completes due diligence.
  5. Funding.


*Special use properties include hotels, storage, gas stations, mobile home parks, healthcare, golf courses, wine, assisted living, student housing, mobile home parks, entertainment, auto, and more.